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Baltic and German officials to discuss border security issues in Lithuania
November 2, 2017

Chiefs of Baltic States’ border guard and police agencies meet Dieter Romann, President of the German Federal Police, in Vilnius today in order to discuss border security issues.

The event is hosted by Renatas Požėla, Commander of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service (SBGS), and the other participants are Linas Pernavas, Chief of the Lithuanian Police, Normunds Garbars, Chief of the Latvian State Border Guard, and Ivo Utsar, representative of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

This event is held at the SBGS central body in Vilnius.

Later today, Mr. Požėla and Mr. Romann will visit the Padvarionys Frontier Station to see how SBGS officials enforce security of a section of the Lithuanian and Belarus border operating a modern technical border surveillance system. The German official and his host will go then to the Kena Frontier Station for a presentation of equipment and procedures applied to Russian nationals travelling, across Lithuania, between the Kaliningrad Oblast and mainland territory of Russia in the framework of the Special Transit Scheme.

The SBGS and German Federal Police have a 23-year record of cooperation. The agencies exchange information on border-related offences, participate in border exercises on land and in the sea, hold joint training sessions, and support each other in the course of operations, information exchange, acquisition of assets, etc.

The German Federal Police is inter alia responsible for border security, country-wide.

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