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at the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania
Savanorių ave. 2, 03116 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone (+370 5) 271 9305
Fax (+370 5) 271 9306
Reg. No. 188608252
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State Institution
Reg. No. 188608252

Savanorių ave. 2
03116 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone (+370 5) 271 9305
Fax (+370 5) 271 9306

Anonymous information phone +370 707 40000

Crossing the Border - Main Page

 Documents mandatory for crossing the State border of the Republic of Lithuania

 When you are on the territory of a border crossing point

 Driver Information

 Law on the Legal Status of Aliens

 Types of Visa

 Place of issue of visa

 Countries whose citizens do not require visas for travel to the Republic of Lithania

 List of countries, whose citizens are eligible to Lithuanian visas without invitation

 The citizens of the Republic of Lithuania do not need visas to travel to these states

 Validity of ID Cards

 On the Approval of the General Description of Health Insurance Procedure
   in Respect of Aliens

 Transportation of human remains to the Republic of Lithuania


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