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at the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania
Savanorių ave. 2, 03116 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone (+370 5) 271 9305
Fax (+370 5) 271 9306
Reg. No. 188608252
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State Institution
Reg. No. 188608252

Savanorių ave. 2
03116 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone (+370 5) 271 9305
Fax (+370 5) 271 9306

Anonymous information phone +370 707 40000

E-mail dvks@vsat.vrm.lt
Main information about Training of Personnel

Service in the SBGS may be joined by persons who meet the special requirements to their age, health, personal qualities and physical conditions as well as have relevant education and professional skills.

Lower-rank statutory State officials (officers) are trained at the Border Guards School following the fourth-level basic professional training programme. This training facility is a unit of the SBGS.

Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, who have secondary education, are 18 to 30 years old and meet other requirements to the service in the system of the interior, enter the school on a competitive basis.

Students are provided with uniforms, live in a hostel and are paid allowances.

Training in the school takes two years, and half this period students spend on probation in SBGS units. During the training, those who did not complete the national service accomplish the compulsory military programme and are not enrolled in the army after the training in the school is over.

After they finish the school and acquire qualifications, students are appointed to positions of border guards at SBGS units.

Border guards can apply for promotion in their positions having served a set number of years and having accomplished advanced training courses either in the Border Guards School or in other training institutions.

Middle-rank SBGS officers are trained at the Lithuanian Law University following the ‘Law and State Border Guard’ curriculum. The department includes a State Border Guard Chair.

The studies take four years and can be joined on a competitive basis by persons, who must meet the requirements equal to those established for entry in the Border Guards School. Successful graduates obtain higher education and receive a bachelor’s degree. They are appointed to positions of specialists at SBGS units.

The studies may be completed by correspondence by State officials employed at the SBGS, who are selected on a competitive basis.

Specialists can apply for promotion having served a set number of years and having accomplished advanced training courses in Lithuania and abroad.

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